She Dreamed Of Her Grandma's Death Coincidence

It depends on how you view coincidences as to whether you consider the following story from Breanna is in fact a coincidence. Or is it perhaps more of a precognition or even a message from someone who had died?

She dreamed of her grandma's death

"I had a dream the night before my grandmother passed away. I hadn't seen her in about a year as she lived in another state and I hadn't talked to her in about a week. I found out later this was because she was in a coma.

In the dream I had been in my room when the phone rang, I answered it and I heard my grandma. the conversation went like this.

"Hey Grandma"
"Hello Bree"
"How are you doing? I miss you a lot"
"I haven't been feeling too well, I miss you too"
"Well at least I'm coming out next month then I can see you and mom and the rest of the family"
"They will be so happy to see you. I wont be there though I am leaving this week. I love you. I have to go now"
"I love you too. Maybe you'll be back from your trip by the time I get out there."

That is where the conversation ended and I hung up the phone. The next morning my dad came in my room and told me my grandmother had passed away earlier in the morning. This happened in December of 2005. I was 11 at the time."

~ Breanna.

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  1. I think of precognition as a facet of synchronicity.I suspect our loved ones who are on the point of transitioning reach out to us in many different ways. But precognitive dreams seemed to be one of the most common.

  2. My advice to Breanna would be,how real did that dream feel to other dreams you've experienced?
    The few (of what I thought may have been) contact dreams that I've experienced in my life,whilst still dreamlike,seemed to of had a more emotionally real feeling to them,like you may have actually had contact from them through that dream.Ultimately,only you can decide Breanna.