Coincidences Of A Relationship

New Jerusalem sacred geometry
"New Jerusalem" sacred geometry structure
Here are an impressive set of coincidences or synchronicity that go to make up a relationship. Bryne Hart has neatly set out the coincidences between himself and his wife:

carrick knotI’ve been married to a wonderful woman for nearly 28 years. During our dating and marriage we’ve discovered the following:

(a) Both mothers were nurses

(b) Both fathers served in a branch of the US Navy (though not the same)

(c) Both fathers retired at equivalent ranks

(d) Both had grandparents in the funeral business in NY

(e) Both parents and grandparents grew up in NY (father’s poor, mother’s middle class). We met in Virginia.

(f) Both are the 4th born children:
Wife: Girl, Boy, Girl, Girl, Girl
Me: Boy, Girl, Boy, Boy, Boy, Girl

Here are the clinchers:

1. Both sets of parents were married on the same day (that is day, month and year)

2. We were both baptized in local parish churches called "Star of the Sea Church" (me in Boston, MA, her in Yokosuka, Japan) in 1960.

- Bryne Hart

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