She Was Topless In Front Of Her Postman

The UK press quoted a survey about how British women will wear bikinis or go topless abroad but not while holidaying at home.

You may well wonder where I'm going with this post but there is an amusing coincidence story about this from Sally Joseph. She writes:

woman sunbathing clip art'Reading about how British women are more likely to cover up while at home brought back to me an embarrassing coincidence while I was on holiday in the south of Spain.

I was sunbathing on the beach while topless and decided to go for a swim in the sea to cool off. I didn't bother to put my bikini top back on.

Suddenly I heard a voice saying, "Hello Mrs Joseph."

I looked round and to my embarrassment it was my postman - and he wasn't looking at my face!

I wore my bikini top for the rest of the holiday. Fancy meeting the guy who delivers your mail, while on holiday thousands of miles away from home. At least it made my husband laugh.'

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  1. Funny! There is definitely going to be a different exchange of energy when the postman delivers her mail from now on!

  2. I've been hoping for some interesting WV on this new google thing to catch spam. On that last comment, the words amounted to direct express: at least, that's what it looked like to me!

  3. Replies
    1. The WVs don't look so meaningful since they changed the system. Should be interesting when the postman calls!