A Psychic Reading With Insider Knowledge

A coincidence story sent to me by someone called Frank. It's not mind blowing but it does show how our past is often with us.

Dennys Costa Mesa"It all started when I was sitting at the counter of a Denney's restaurant in Costa Mesa, CA, about 3:00am one morning. I had hitch-hiked out there to see a buddy of mine and was doing the cheapest thing possible to pass the time until I thought it appropriate to head on over to his place.

The waitress saw my backpack and asked where I had come from. I said, "Wisconsin". She said, "Oh, I lived there was a little kid."

"Oh yeah, what part?" I asked.

"A real small town west of Milwaukee. You've never heard of it." she assumed. I noticed that her Denny's nametag said 'Holly'.

"Really, tell me where, Holly. That's where I grew up."

She looked at me and said, "North Lake."

North Lake was less than 400 people and had only a four room schoolhouse in the early sixties. First and second grade shared a room on the first floor. Holly Melon was in first grade and I was in the second when their god-awful little house burned down. They left town for California.

"Dick Arndorfer pushed you down the stairs at the library and you broke your leg when you were five. When the house burned down, you smelled the smoke first and woke everyone up."

Maybe I should have asked her five dollars for a psychic reading before I blurted out things she barely remembered. Never scare the sh*t out of the waitress at Denney's at 3:00am is what I learned.

No great ending. When I came back the following night for some more coffee I remember she told me that she'd called her grandmother who remembered my family. I didn't tell her that Dick was killed later in a car accident."

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  1. I think it is a pretty mind-blowing sync,if it happened like it was stated above.
    But what stood out for me was the word,""Wisconsin".
    I had rented the movie "2012" last week and was watching the DVD with the commentary by the director,Rolland Emerich,the second time round,when he said "we mentioned Wisconsin at three different points in the movie and people keep asking me,"what was the significance of Wisconsin?"
    I thought this was curious too,for some reason,but he fobbed it off by saying the name just sounded exotic (!?!).
    Anyway,I went back to reading Whitley Strieber's "Communion",and pretty much the next line Whitley wrote was about his first recall of an abduction by visitors that was on a train trip from "Wisconsin",with his father and sister,at the age of 12 (I think?).

    So my word of note for the week has been "Wisconsin".
    And like the people who keep asking Rolland,I too have to ask,
    "What's the significance of Wisconsin ?