Michael Jackson Will Coincidence

Perhaps you may have seen this before but it's new to me, it's about the death of Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson Memorial ServiceThere is a coincidence between the dates of Michael Jackson's will and also of his Memorial Service.

As per the funeral ticket on the right, Michael's Memorial Service was held on July 7th 2009. We can then see below that his will was also dated the 7th of July - but this time 2002.

Should you wish to see Michael Jackson's will in full it can be seen here in pdf format.

Michael Jackson will
I never believed that anything was a coincidence. There's a reason for everything that happens.
-Elvis Presley

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  1. I've not heard of this strange coincidence either.
    And I've not seen that Elvis quote before.
    The Elvis quote is very similar to a quote I have on my blog's sidebar,from the graphic novel "The Crow";
    "Little things,used to mean so much to Shelly.I used to think they were kind of trivial...believe me,nothing is trivial."
    Eric Draven

    Maybe James O'Bar was an Elvis fan,too?

  2. I hadn't heard of this one, either.Nice research, Mike!