Hard To Believe Coincidence Story From The AA

AA vanOn UK television a while back there was a coincidence story about a guy who works for the AA - that's the Automobile Association as opposed to Alcoholics Anonymous.

He was out for a walk in the middle of nowhere when a public phone box he was passing started to ring. He thought he might as well answer the phone and when he did so was shocked to find that the caller was his dispatcher from the AA.

It seems she had meant to call his mobile phone number but absent mindedly had rung his staff number instead - which just happened to be the number of the phone box he was walking past.

Strange but true!

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  1. Always amazed by such stories.

  2. if it's true, it's astounding. But incredible odds often seem to accompany synchros.

    1. "if it's true" - sometimes coincidence stories do seem hard to believe, especially with such high odds against it happening.