The Woman Who Had The Affair Coincidence

Today's story is, with thanks, from Audrey T. A broken relationship leads to a strange coincidence.

clipart of man and womanMy long term partner and I parted, it seems he wanted other things from life - including other women!

I was very down but an old friend Julie, who I rarely see as she has moved to Paris, said she would be visiting me the coming weekend. This gave me a lift and I looked forward to seeing her.

I met up with her at London Heathrow airport and she said she was bursting to tell me something.

She told me what had happened. On the plane from Paris she was seated next to another woman and they struck up a conversation. It turned out that she was from Uxbridge, which is where I also live, and Julie asked her almost jokingly if she therefore knew me.

The woman stuttered in an embarrassed way and then stopped talking.

Arriving in Heathrow the woman suddenly turned to Julie and said something not very nice about me, which I won't repeat here. Julie ended the conversation but noticed that the woman was called Anne Burbridge* from her luggage label.

And Anne Burbridge is the name of one of the women who had been having an affair with my ex-partner.

The 'coincidence' quite shocked us. What are the odds that Julie, who I see only perhaps once or twice a year, would be seated next to the woman who was - to put it politely - romantically involved with my ex.

Sometimes I think that coincidences happen for a reason but I'm not exactly sure of the reason for this particular chance meeting.

*Name has been changed

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  1. The odds must be considerable in this happening, maybe there is some unfinished business.

    1. There must be a reason, so why not unfinished business.

  2. Wow. I guess the message here is that she needed to hear this - and how startling to hear it in this way. strangely powerful synchro!

    1. Thanks Trish. Must have been quite a shock for her but things usually happen for a reason.