Small Coincidences Make Up A Day

The following is taken from my 67 Not Out blog and shows how coincidences and synchros often make up our day:

Nothing too dramatic for this post, just a few 'small' coincidences I've noticed so far today.

Firstly, I went to the Reuters website to do a little research for something I'm doing and the first article I read had been edited by 'Michael Perry', which is my name (see below) - though I'm often called Mike or Mick or even Mickey.

editied by Michael Perry
Afterwards I went to the Stumbleupon website where one of my posts had been listed. I have written previously on Coincidence Of Lucky Numbers that a significant number in my life is 76.

The post I was looking for on Stumbleupon was one I had written about my dead father and a voice I had heard. The number of people who had read the post from Stumbleupon was 76, and this sent a shiver up my spine - a message perhaps?

Speaking to my dead father
First thing this morning I weighed myself and for the first time for a while my weight was 11 stones 11 pounds - so the scales showed 11:11.

Later in the morning I mowed the lawn in my back garden and after finishing and going indoors the time on my clock was 11:11.

Much has been written about the significance of 11:11 including on the synchrosecrets blog.

At lunch time I read my newspaper and there was an article about coincidences. They gave an example: "On the seventh day of the seventh month (July) of 1977, a woman named Mrs Severn became 77!"

After lunch my wife mentioned that she hadn't heard from one of her old dressmaking clients, Bunty, for years and wondered where she was now living. Yes, you've guessed. A short while later, the phone rang and it was Bunty.

Wonder what'll happen next?


  1. I think that you are understating the
    "nothing too dramatic for this post" bit.
    I find those 'coincidences' quite good ones.
    11:11 and 77 I can relate to,but 76 is not a noticeable number in my life.

  2. Hey, these are impressive, a whole sequence of synchros!