The Duplicated Plane Crash Coincidence

Cessna 421 planeAn interesting coincidence story from a few years back. The story is about a duplication of events.

Back in 1979 Das Besteran, a German magazine, decided to stage a writing contest about unusual incidents. They asked readers to write in with their stories and the one they thought the best would have his published in the magazine.

There were lots of entrants but the winner was a Walter Kellner from Munich.

Herr Kellner wrote about his experience when he flew his Cessna 421 between Sicily and Sardinia. The plane hit engine problems and down into the sea it went - splash. After spending time in an emergency dinghy the gentleman was finally rescued. The story was obviously written in an extended version and made more interesting than I have just done.

Anyway, a man in Austria - also called Walter Kellner - got a bit hot under the collar about this. "Plagiarism," he shouted, though in German.

The second Herr Kellner said it was he who had flown a Cessna 421, over the same sea, had engine trouble but he was forced to land in Sardinia instead of splashing into the drink. Okay the ending was slightly different but it was essentially very similar.

So was it fisticuffs at dawn? No, because the magazine checked out both versions of the story and they were both true. They two men were indeed both called Walter Kellner and both had made the same journey in a Cessna 421 plane from Sicily to Sardinia and both had engine troubles - well their planes did. Only the final outcomes were different.

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