A Discounted Television Coincidence

television coincidenceA coincidence today sent to me by Alan Parker. In his words:

This coincidence happened to me when my girlfriend and I were soon to leave for University.

I had just received a large tax rebate so we decided to buy a new television. We took what we thought was enough money to buy what we wanted and then went to town to make our purchase.

When we arrived we decided to have a drink before looking around the shops. We didn't talk about televisions while there and left the bar soon after. As we did so a guy bumped into me, looked at me and asked me whether I was interested in buying a television set.

It turned out that he had a discount store card for an electrical retailer. As he was about to go to Australia for a few years and needed cash, he offered to let me pick any television set from the store. He would then buy this using his card and sell it to me for no more than £250.

Although maybe this was questionable legally, I took up his offer!

I had never bought a television previously, as I never had the money to do so before. Although I sometimes have a drink in that bar no-one had ever offered me anything remotely of that nature before or since!

The fact that I was there specifically in town to buy a television, and I got offered one pretty much as soon as I got there and at a discount, blew my mind.

I have never been able to explain why or how this happened – a coincidence perhaps?

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  1. Great story. It's one of those synchros with such high odds that you really do have to wonder how these things are orchestrated!