The Wrong Phone Number Coincidence That Was The Right Number

Phone call coincidence

Here's a freaky coincidence story, something that's not supposed to happen!

"The most incredible coincidence I have ever witnessed happened a few weeks ago. My step-sister has just moved back to Australia after living abroad for around 12 years. She's getting reacquainted with friends, getting phone numbers, etc. Myself and my mum are spending a night at the house of one of my mum's friends.

It's worth noting this friend of my mothers has never met my step-sister at all, no contact, etc. We end up getting a call from my step-sister, on the landline!

There is no possible way she could know this number. It turns out she misheard one of her friends numbers, which somehow ended up with her calling us, on the one day that we spend at my mum's friends place.

Extremely freaky."

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