The Black Labrador Coincidence Story With A Happy Ending

Black labrador coincidence story

A reader's lost dog coincidence story today, but with a happy ending!

"On the Fourth of July, our dog Svejk escaped the yard and ran for it during the fireworks. He was missing for a couple of days, during which we plastered signs all over town with his photo.

A family called, thinking they had our dog. We drove over there (about three miles away, across a busy highway and on the other side of a major commercial district), and sure enough, it was him. They said they almost considered keeping him, as he was so sweet and they had lost their dog Norman on the same night.

The next day, an old woman two doors down the street from us called, having seen our flyer and thinking she may have seen our dog in her yard (also a black lab). We told her we already had Svejk back, but she called again and insisted we come over.

We walked over, and on a whim, called "Norman?". He immediately came running over and followed us home. We drove him the three miles back across town, and sure enough, it was him.

We've always wondered if the two dogs met each other during their respective epic journeys :)

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