She Found Her Real Mother At The Real Estate Office

Uni student drawing

This is one of those life changing coincidence stories and an example of synchronicity in action. Okay here's the story received from a reader.

"I'm adopted.

I was about 18 at the time and moving to the big city to start uni, I looked at heaps of apartments and finally found somewhere nice. The lady from the Real Estate Agent shows me around the apartment and I decide to take it.

A couple of days later I'm in the Real Estate office to sign the lease, chatting away with the Real Estate ladies. Just the usual, "Where are you moving from?" and stuff. I filled out all the paperwork and the nice Real Estate Agent Lady who showed my the apartment gave me the keys.

Cut to a few weeks later and the phone at my new apartment rings. It's my Real Estate Agent lady calling to tell me that she's my birth mother!!

She swears to this day that she recognised my familiar family facial features on the day she showed me the apartment (and it's true, I do look a lot like my cousins and her other daughters). The day I signed the lease she got all my details, birth date, etc. It took her a few weeks to contact me because she wanted to confirm with the Government Adoption agency, and to let her family know what was happening."

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