In Gods Hands: The Creator Of Coincidences

God and God's hands

Here's a story that the writer says stopped him believing in coincidences. It's all down to God.

I was living in San Francisco one summer after college (which I attended in my home state of Mississippi) and I was really depressed, praying often that God would show me that He knew my situation and would see me through it.

The woman I was staying with invited her son and his wife, neither of whom I had ever met, over for dinner. Within 10 minutes of their arrival it was discovered that this woman's daughter-in-law had been best friends with my father in high school (North Carolina) and had rocked me at my father's funeral when I was one year old after he died in a plane crash.

I knew then that God knew exactly where I was and what I was going through... and that was also the day I stopped believing in 'coincidences'.

~ Anon

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