Squashed Coca-Cola Can Brought Them Together


As per yesterday's post this coincidence story was from a reader of my other blog 67 Not Out - all coincidence stories are welcome, whether short, long or even medium!

I was wandering around an open air market in Wimborne with my daughter-in-law. I said to her, "I would give anything if I could see Alice’s face just one more time." This was an old neighbour who I hadn’t seen for over seven years.

Virtually seconds or maybe minutes later I walked over to a litter bin to get rid of a Coca-Cola can I had been carrying. I looked up and there was Alice putting something into the other side of the litter bin. I couldn’t believe it and neither could she. She said she had been thinking about me recently, how weird is that,

~ Gentle Gen

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  1. Well,here's a sync for you Mike.
    My blogging friend Starr,who is a painter and likes to paint Alice in Wonderland in landmarks around Oz (Australia)posted this coincidence on her blog about an Alice Coke bottle that she came across at her local suburban shopping center.

    Combined with the above post of yours here, there seems to be a definite theme running through these coincidences.

  2. Another good one. Rapid manipsfestation!