How To Find Lucky Serendipity And Coincidences

Serendipity and good luckI was reading an article in the Daily Mail about good luck and serendipity. This got me thinking as to how similar coincidences and synchronicity are to serendipity.

My dictionary quotes serendipity as: The faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident. Which, in a way, is similar to coincidences - though they may not always be fortunate happenings.

My blogging friend Terri Patrick described serendipity as "the lighter, fun side of coincidence while synchronicity is the scientific tool."

The article I mentioned told of a way to 'Prime yourself for chance.' But really you could almost substitute the word chance for coincidences or even synchronicity. Anyway, see what you think:

"Serendipity smiles upon people who have a more relaxed approach to life. They have clarified their long-term goals, but don't worry too much about the details.

Once they've pinpointed the ultimate goal, they believe there are many ways to get there. This requires openness to life's surprising twists and turns as well as cognitive and behavioural flexibility.
An open person heads to the dog park thinking he might encounter a new friend, business partner or romantic interest. A closed person sees only dog owners.

You can increase your opportunities for luck by having a large network of friends and by being flexible. Take varied routes to work or go to different places for coffee rather than 'the usual'.

Exploring new territory naturally increases good fortune. And try to keep your mood positive. Anxiety gives us tunnel vision; while we are focusing on a potential danger we miss extraneous, but potentially beneficial, information."

Now isn't that virtually a recipe for also experiencing more meaningful coincidences?

You can read the full Mail article here.

Photo: Kenneth Allen

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  1. I like Terri's definition! You're right, there doesn't seem to be much difference between serendipity and synchronicity.