There's A Coincidence Time For Everything

MicrowaveMy wife and I have been out all day (it's now 5.05pm) so I'm a little behind in writing a post. What to write about? I wasn't at all sure, so I decided to check my emails first. Perhaps I might come across a coincidence or something.

There was an email from Amazon UK saying that our order had been dispatched. It's something we had been expecting for over a month - the microwave we wanted had been temporarily out of stock.

I left my office to shout down to my wife, "Good news, the microwave is on it's way."
As I glanced out of the upstairs hall window a delivery van drew up outside our house - and it was our Amazon order! If he had been any earlier we would have been out.

Okay, not exactly a mind blowing coincidence but it made me smile.

While we had been out today we went to the nearest big town, Plymouth, as my wife wanted to buy a new coat. We traipsed round the shops - not exactly my favourite pastime! - and couldn't find one she liked. Well there was one coat that got the approval for looks, but they didn't have her size.

We had some lunch and then was making our way back to the car. There was one shop we hadn't tried, which is usually quite expensive. "They might have a bargain," said my wife tongue in cheek and I felt my credit card tremble with fear.

But there it was: the perfect coat - right colour, size and, most importantly, price - actually a bargain. It had been reduced to half price and there was a ticket saying it had been cut by another 50%! Almost unbelievable, surely a mistake. My wife was right about there being a bargain.

We got to the till to pay and my wife mentioned the extra 50% off. "Oh that's not right, it doesn't start today," said the assistant, "but as it's on the ticket we'll have to honour the price."

I guess the lesson is: there is a time for everything.

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