Coincidence Of Photo And Dorset Calender

Gold's Hill Shaftesbury
Gold's Hill ShaftesburyThe strange thing is that when you become interested in coincidences they seem to be everywhere. Or perhaps you start looking for the slightest thing that may just be one.

This coincidence is about the 2010 Calendar that a friend brought us. I opened it up and the picture I saw was the one on the left. "That's exactly like the photo I took last year when we toured Dorset (England)," I said to my wife.

And sure enough when I checked it was very similar. The photo I took was the large one at the top of this post. Okay the calendar pic is brighter, they no doubt did some work on it to make it so, but it is an identical view: same cottages, same trees in the background and so on.

It's a small world or maybe everything is simply interlocked and we don't fully realise this.

"Do we see in these singular coincidences the purpose of a supernatural power to enforce the attention of mankind to the fact that there is something more in this world than mere matter."
Ignatius Donnelly, diary entry July 4, 1881.


  1. Good one! It looks like a beautiful spot to visit.

    1. I always enjoy Dorset, lots of interesting places to visit.