Nazca Lines And Maria Reiche Coincidence Example

Nazca Lines - monkeyA couple of days ago I wrote a post about the author Colin Wilson and his coincidence of how, after reading something, he picked up another book and opened it at an article written about exactly the same subject. Yesterday the same thing happened to me.

I was reading The Power of Coincidence and it mentioned the Nazca Lines in Peru and how Maria Reiche, a German mathematician, had devoted most of her life studying these lines.

I finished reading and, for some reason, picked up Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World. It opened to page 189 where I read, "In the last 1940's, Kosok teamed up with Maria Reiche, a German mathematician and astronomer. She had come to Nazca to pursue a theory of Kosok's that the lines were astronomically aligned ..."

The same page went on to tell of how, "Kosok died in 1959, but Maria Reiche has devoted her life to the study of these lines, living rough in the desert, tracing new alignments and preserving them against the inroads of tourists."

So in the world of coincidence it seems that one thing leads on to another with the aid of synchronicity. And when I was looking for a photo to include on this post I searched on Google Images and the first one I clicked on was the one I have used. This turns out to have been released to the Public Domain by - yes, you've guessed - Maria Reiche!

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