Find A Parking Space With The Power Of Coincidence

Car Park signAs you will have gathered from the title of this blog I'm interested in coincidence and synchronicity. I'm even more interested to see if it's possible to make such things occur consciously. A lot of coincidences don't appear have any apparent value - though some do, especially after writing them down or dwelling on them for a while.

One easy(ish) way to test out coincidences is with car parking! It's something I've done for ages.

I don't like going in official car parks (I object to having to pay!) so I try to find space in side roads that are convenient to wherever I want to visit. Before I set out I 'request' that a perfect parking space will be made available for me.

Yes, it does sound a bit nutty but the strange thing is that a parking space is usually made available to me. Another car may just leave at that very moment I arrive or everywhere will be stacked with cars except for one space perfect for my car.

It happens over and over again.

Arundel castleA good example was when my wife and I visited Arundel on a sunny day when there was a street music festival taking place (that's Arundel castle on the right). The only place to park was in the official car parks as everywhere else had been made no parking areas.

We arrived after events had started and the car parks were jam packed full. People were driving round and then leaving the car park. I did a circuit once and then, instead of leaving, 'asked' for a space.

I was following another car and he suddenly stopped and waved me on - he wanted to let his wife get out of the car - I overtook him and immediately another car drove away from a parking space and I was able to drive in and park. Plus it was right near the center of all of the attractions - perfect.

I know this all sounds far fetched but give it a try for yourself.

When I say 'ask' for a parking space I mean to request one from whatever/whoever you feel comfortable with: the universe, your inner self or subconscious, the cosmic, God, an angel or saint, infinite spirit or virtually anything. As I see it the important thing is to actually ask. It can all happen inside your head or you can make the request aloud. This seems to make no difference.

Try it. It's a bit like the Bible says: "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find ..."

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  1. Thanks for reminding me about this!

  2. I think of creating parking spaces as a consciously induced synchro - law of attraction? You believe you can do it, believe deeply, and it happens.

  3. Trish: I think that's about it. Belief + imaging = law of attraction.