Income Tax Through The Door Coincidence

Dog called Tax

Not sure whether J.R Collinson's coincidence story will make you laugh or groan!

"I don't know what you will have to say about this coincidence as it has a silly side to it.

"We were having breakfast and the husband, who thinks he's a comedian, was telling our schoolgirl daughter a joke. This is something like how it went -

"A schoolboy was asked by his teacher to put the words 'Income Tax' into a sentence. The boy thought about it and then wrote, 'I have a dog called Tax and he was barking at the door so I opened the door and in come tax.'

"Our daughter sighed and said how that must be the 99th time she'd heard him tell the joke. He can be very repetitive!

"Just then we heard the postman push some letters through the door. One was from the Inland Revenue, who are the Income Tax people. My husband is self employed and had been disputing his last tax return. Inside the envelope was a cheque for £99.00 as a refund from the Income Tax people.

"So there really was income tax through the door, just like the dog.

"Told you it was silly!"

J.R Collinson

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  1. Funny! I like this one, particularly because it concerns a refund from the tax folks!