7:07 Is LOL Upside Down Coincidence

7:07 is LOL upside down clip art

Thanks JC for the following, He calls it a spooky coincidence story.

"I woke up last Saturday, nothing unusual there, looked at the bedside clock and it read 7:07. I got up and carried out my usual morning routine of showering etc. I came back to my bedroom, looked at the clock again and the clock time was actually 5:05am.

Scratching my head in puzzlement about misreading the time on the clock I went back to bed.

I went off to sleep and later woke up again and the clock said 7:07am! This time I watched the clock to make sure it was working okay, and it was.

I thought it all to be spooky. Why would I have imagined the time to have been 7:07 when I first woke? And then to have really woken at this 7:07?"

I think 'someone/thing' was having a laugh with him, as 7:07 on a digital clock is LOL.

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