Telepathy Saved Her Sisters Life From An Overdose

I think today's story is much more than a coincidence. It could well be telepathy. We seem to be able to link to others at times of high emotion.

"About ten years ago, I was travelling many miles from my older sister. I'd been away for about six weeks and out of the blue, late at night felt a strange feeling of sadness and homesickness.

The feeling was strong enough to dial my sister, even at the late hour.

My sister answered and sounded tired and a little incoherent. "What's up?" I asked.

She broke down and cried telling me she had just taken an overdose of pills. I told her I would get help. I phoned our dad who lived near to my sister. He phoned an ambulance and rushed round to her house. Luckily he and the ambulance arrived in time and sis is still alive today."

~ Rosie

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1 comment:

  1. The moral dilemma of suicide I find intriguing.
    People will often say someone who commits suicide goes straight to Hell
    (that's if you believe in hell,which I don't anyway).
    But I then say,what about the ones
    (like the above example)who tried to,but failed?
    Are they destined for Hell,too?
    Or,what about someone who was trapped 90 stories up in the World Trade center who chose to jump rather than burn to death?
    Do they go straight to Hell?
    Something for the less dogmatic readers to ponder over.