Sean's Travel Coincidences

Backpacker travelling

You never know who you might meet by 'coincidence' when you go travelling.

Take the case of Australian Sean Belling for instance.

In 2007 he visited Europe primarily for the Rugby World Cup. While in a pub in Wales he bumped into a girl he had known way back from pre-school, plus a former High School friend. He also found out that one of the pub employees was one of his Primary School mates.

But there was even more.

About a week later he was in France and, while walking across a town square in Montpellier, he bumped into the same High School friend he had met in the Welsh pub. Sean also met the same friend once more a few weeks later - again by coincidence - during Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany.

Travel broadens the scope for coincidences and synchronicity.

Thanks JC for this coincidence story.

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  1. Aussies,they're everywhere you look.
    I run into 'em all the time...and I haven't left the country since I was
    11 years old.-)

    ...Oh,and Mike it looks like a nasty bit of spam has been posted in the comment above.