Another Egg Coincidence Phenomenon

Chicken artMore eggy news. Following the box of double yolked eggs mentioned in Sunday's It Is A Double Yolk Coincidence post there has been another remarkable find.

70 year old Mrs. Ann Hordon, from County Durham in England, cracked open an egg into her frying pan and it had four yolks!

The chances of this happening are quoted at being 11 billion to one.

The British Egg Information Service were astounded.

After they had all picked themselves off of the floor they went on to say (in unison, of course) that the record number of yolks found in one egg is nine, but four is still exceptional. Their official spokesperson added, with a cluck, "To find a quadruple yolker is a very rare phenomenon."

The egg plot thickens, whatever will happen next! Is this some sort of scrambled message from afar? Can we decipher the code ...


  1. The egg! Four yolks is astounding. I hadn't heard about the record of NINE yolks.