Waiting For Gerald The Gerbil To Go To Heaven

Gerbil heaven

Maybe not a proper coincidence story today, but it's quite touching.

It was all very sad for Lucy as her pet gerbil died. She was in tears as I explained to her that Gerald would go to heaven.

"Are you sure mummy? Will he be happy there?" she asked. I did my best to reassure her.

I wrapped Gerald up in a large square of material and took him to the refuse bin outside. I know this may sound heartless but, living in a flat, I had nowhere to bury him. I again explained to Lucy that Gerald would be able to get to heaven from there.

About ten minutes later I felt a draft through the flat and noticed the front door was open. As Lucy is only four I panicked and rushed out to find her and there she was: sitting on an upturned bucket looking at the refuse bin.

I asked her what she was doing. "I'm waiting to see Gerald go up to heaven," she replied tearfully.

- Mandy

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