Telepathy Or Coincidence That He Phoned Her Eleven Years Later On The Day She Died

The sad phone call

The coincidence story today raises the question that this might have been more than a coincidence, perhaps something telepathic happened.

In 1995 my mother used to allow a young footballer from Australia to lodge at her home for a couple of seasons. He was a young professional for the same local soccer club my brother also played for. Mother became quite fond of him.

After two years, his career wasn't going too good so he returned to Australia and we didn't hear from him again.

My mother moved houses about three years later and my brother bought her house.

About six years after this my mother passed away at 2 am in hospital. At 8 am on the same day the football player rang her former home - my brother who now owned the house had kept the same telephone number.

The footballer told my brother that he had been looking through a box in his attic at home in Australia when he came across my mother's phone number so he decided to ring her after all these years.

This was the first time he had tried to ring her and she had passed away five hours earlier. She was in England and he was in Australia.

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