A Money Problem Solved By A Coincidence

A coincidence of how looking for a phone number sorted out a financial problem. The writer wishes to remain anonymous but is from the USA.

"Last month I was really stressing about money. I hadn't received my Child Support check and I couldn't get any answers as to what had happened to the money from the enforcement bureau.telephone cartoon clip artI work the night shift and one day when I woke up, after getting some sleep in the morning, my daughter told me that the phone wasn't working. I picked up the phone and sure enough there was no dial tone.

I got out the phone book and tried to find the number for telephone repair as I figured I would just call them to report the fault on my cell phone.

I couldn't find the right number in the phone book so I called information on my cell phone but they gave me the wrong number. That’s when I went into my bedroom and started digging through a box of paperwork, receipts, old bills, and so on to locate a previous phone bill - as this would show the number to call for a fault.

As I was digging through this mountain of paperwork, I saw an envelope from Child Support that had the edge torn off. I picked it up and it felt like there was something in it. I tore the envelope completely open and there was a check that had been sent to me the previous February.

Wow, I hit the jackpot. How could I have missed that check. I must have gathered it up with a bunch of old mail one day and put it in the box. I looked at the date and luckily for me there was still another month to go before the check was no longer valid.

I was amazed and shaking over my good fortune. I stuck the check on my dresser and continued to dig through the paperwork to try and find an old phone bill with the phone number I wanted.

As I was doing this the phone rang. I picked it up. No one was there but there was a dial tone and my phone was back in service. Two problems solved."

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  1. Interesting synchro! Not sure where this one falls in the scheme of things (my scheme at any rate) but who cares? Her problem was solved on two fronts.